Not your average information technology service

A-Solutions is not your average information technology service delivery company. We can back it up with more than 120 years’ of experience in the IT industry – and that only includes the experience of our management team!

A-Solutions celebrates its 21st anniversary in business this year – testimony to the fact that we bring our a-game to a range of IT-driven services and provide quality solutions that underpin your business requirements and suit your pocket to boot.

We recognise our role to better the lives of the broader South African community, and thus take transformation very seriously. A South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) conducted the B-BBEE rating for A-Solutions and we are proud to announce that we were once again awarded a LEVEL 1 status on the new ICT charter codes. We are pleased that our B-BBEE rating is advantageous to our clients and partners providing them with a 135% claim back for preferential procurement against total procurement spend.

We empower people and expand possibilities for next generations. We are a proud contributor to Inyosi Enterprise and Supplier Development which provides much needed access to finance, market and skills for black-owned companies. The investment we make provides loan capital to black-owned businesses in a responsible manner, creates jobs, makes a significant positive impact on society, and ultimately reduces our investment risk via diversification. We see it as our responsibility to equip and grow the IT innovators of tomorrow as the investment fund uses the returns to inter alia build schools and uplift communities.

We offer turnkey solutions in information technology and aim to be the go-to service provider for both public and private sectors. We primarily focus on efficient OEM on-site warranty support and traditional third party and support services.


We deliver innovative and customised IT service solutions to meet our clients’ and OEMs’ unique business requirements. After all, we do have 21 years’ experience in the delivery of IT services – evidenced by our existing client track record of success.We work more ‘agile and smarter’ to be competitive and price sensitive to the market space we serve.Through our longstanding and valued partnerships, we broaden our service offerings via collaborations to increase our national footprint.


Our mission is to continue to be one of the top service providers in the IT-industry.Respect, integrity, quality of service and our commitment to our customers, differentiate us from our competitors.

We empower and grow young people to get a head-start in the IT-arena by exposing them to different scenarios in the field.


To provide superior quality of service! We see ourselves as being the best IT-services company in South Africa.


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