The benefits of buying refurbished hardware

Purchasing new hardware does, of course, have its benefits, but there are multiple reasons why refurbished laptops or desktops can be a better way to go.

High quality refurbished hardware with Win10 OS is as good as new.

Software will be reset to factory settings, the device will have undergone a complete data wipe and the item will be repackaged.

Other benefits include potentially significant cost savings – with refurbished products available at up to 40% less than new units, without compromising performance – as well as a valuable reduction in the production of e-waste.

Sourcing and stocking some of the world’s top brands, A-Solutions focuses on A-grade repurposed products, which includes Windows 10 operating systems, with the option to upgrade to Windows 11.

We provide the same warranties on refurbished hardware – standard 12 months carry-in upgradeable to three years, on-site or carry-in – as we do on new products.

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