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We collaborate with industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) experts to provide our clients with specialist data engineering and advanced analytics. The BI solutions will help you interpret and analyze data through the use of a range of software applications. Data is visualized using dashboards, and insightful management reporting that will help you make better informed decisions about your business.

Providing end-to-end data management, analytics solutions and insightful management reporting our BI services offers easy knowledge sharing and reporting for all your , IOT – Tracking, Asset Management, Internet of things (IoT) and data management needs.

We provide you with the tools from global vendors such as Microsoft BIDremioQlik, and Squirro to gather, analyse and visualise data that will help you make intelligent decisions and gain a competitive advantage. The team is experienced in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions which could be applied in the form of alerts for reaching certain thresholds, instant reporting and for predictive models.

The team also provides our clients with training on how to interpret their data now depicted in these analytical dashboards better.

Benefits of Dremio: No Data Marts, Cubes, No aggregation Tables, No BI extracts, Dremio transparently enables unprecedented time to insight

Why Qlik

  • Ease of combining multiple data resources into a single view
  • Using The Associate Engine indexes every possible relationship in your data
  • Immediate insight to intuitively explore your data
  • No pre aggregated data and pre-defined querries
  • Interactive analysis without boundaries

Primary reasons why BI Users voted Qlik number 1

  • Ease of use
  • Query performance
  • Visual analysis
  • Business value
  • Customers satisfaction

Some graphics showing the types of dashboarding we provide:

Response times by Geo-Location

Incidents by Geo-location


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