Facial Recognition

Our service offering is powered by AxxonSoft, a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. The software provides AI video analytics with the software that allows for proactive security action, aids in direct marketing in malls by linking analytics to digital advertising and dynamically changing it based on the gender/age of the in-mall visitors to maximize customer sales. The product can assist in the reduction of in-store theft via alerting security personnel of suspicious behavior patterns of clients. Other features include vehicle, smoke and fire detection.

The product features a time compressor and dynamic search “engine”. Via BI gathered analytics provides insight of visitor attendance and peak times, areas most frequented, age and gender groups of customer attendance. The analytics could provide retail clients with useful insights to improve in-store and in-mall resourcing requirements, layouts to increase client satisfaction ratings.

License Plate Capture

All captured number plates go through automatic number
plate recognition and are saved in the metadata database.
Enter a full or partial plate number, and MomentQuest will
run a fuzzy search through videos recorded by different
cameras. You will quickly see all the videos with the vehicle
you are looking for.

Forensic Search

Forensic Search is a system for searching through a video
archive. It extracts (or receives from a smart camera embedded
detection) and stores metadata — the characteristics
of all moving objects in the scene — right as the video
is recorded.
Forensic Search allows users to search through video footage
for segments with: an object moving in a particular area
and direction; a particular type, speed, size or color of person,
vehicle, or group of people; etc. Forensic Search can
find all records that match the user’s query within seconds.

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