Understandably, everyone in South Africa is concerned about the Coronavirus in a country that seems to have gone mad overnight. We now find ourselves out of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and even toilet paper! 

 A-Solutions is closely monitoring developments around the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and our priority remains the safety of our employees and our clients. Importantly, our team remains dedicated to ensuring we deliver on the services that you rely on to keep your business up and running! 

 We know that our services are vital to small, medium, micro businesses that play a part in driving our economy. The new restrictions that have been put in place by government in response to the virus outbreak in South Africa will affect all businesses, but some are not lucky enough to be able to carry the costs of a total shutdown. For us, as an IT service provider whose core business it is to attend to IT related incidents at your place of work or your home the Coronavirus has a big impact. 

 That being said, while we are taking our response to the developing Coronavirus seriously, ensuring that all A-Solutions branches are operationally resilient is of paramount importance to our clients and our business. 




We would like to assure all our clients that A-Solutions has put measures in place to safeguard the health and safety of our staff and clients. Even if the nature of your business allows you to have people working from home, you may still need an IT professional to assist. Your in-house IT teams might not have enough hands and or fast-enough cars to service everyone at home. 

 A-Solutions is an accredited service provider for some of the biggest brands in South Africa. We have a national footprint and specialize in service delivery. If you are avoiding crowds, you can make an appointment with one of our dedicated service agents around the county so that you don’t have to visit one of our walk-in centres when it’s crowded. 

 We will attend to incidents at your “home office” or “your home” as per usual and our technician will take the necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and your family by using hand sanitizer, and where possible, will wear gloves as well. 

 We are also offering a pick-up and return service option for those who do not want to leave their homes, your equipment can be collected for repairs or assessment and then returned to you on a quotation basis.  Should you require “telephonic support”, our team is available to assist.  

 For more information contact us at callcentre@asolution.co.za or 08980 7060 



As your trusted IT services and products partner, we are taking every necessary step to continue to provide the high-quality service you have come to associate with A-Solutions, while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our employees and our clients. 


Thank You, 

The A-Solutions Team 


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