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Applying for a position? A-Solutions assist individuals with applying for any short term and long term jobs.

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Whether you’re looking for specialist niche skills or high-volume talent management, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional first-class talent.

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Talent Division

A-Solutions have a long-standing reputation for providing IT Managed Services to a large number of enterprises across South Africa. Based on our success and achievements we have decided to have a dedicated team to service our new and old customer’s requirements when looking to onboard Permanent, Temporary or Contract professionals in IT and Operations.

From professionals in Hardware, Software and Firmware. With our world class diligent process we can compete with the world leading Labour providers and Talent Agencies.

Please feel free to download our infographic here to find out more about the type of professionals we can provide. Alternatively you can contact Ben Goodwin who heads up our Talent Division.
067 959 1093

Employment Services

Registered TES (Temporary Employment Service)

A-Solutions are a registered Temporary Employment Services agent specializing in finding you the right person for the job.  For any short term and long term contractors or even custom made programs where you need a person for 2 days every week we will be able to assist you.

Temporary employment short-term and long term contracts

Permanent employment

Customized staff resourcing solutions

Applying for a position

When you apply for a position that you desperately want/need, you want your CV to make such an impression that it warrants a second look!

So many of us apply for ALL the jobs on the internet, hopeful that someone will FIND us. The truth is, prospective employers are too busy to be working through less suitable CVs.

The big question is: How do you ensure your CV stands out? 

Ensure your education/training/work experience is relevant to the job being advertised. For example: don’t apply for a Debtors Clerk position if you didn’t have accounting or maths at school or didn’t study in a financial field.
Ensure your CV has no spelling errors. It shows attention to detail.
Do not send a scanned copy of your CV or go to an interview with a messy, folded CV. If you don’t put effort into the presentation of your CV, you are less likely to get on the shortlist of potential candidates.
Ensure there’s a synopsis on your CV about the position you apply for and that it’s highlighted directly after your personal information for the prospective employer to see why your CV should be on the list of potential candidates.
Read the vacancy advertised thoroughly and ensure you follow the instructions. Don’t apply online where you can not upload your CV.  Look for an email address and submit your CV there, accompanied by all supporting documents to make it as simple as possible to say YES to you.
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