Level-1 B-BBEE

We recognize our role in improving the lives of the broader South African community and take transformation seriously.

The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) has awarded A-Solutions with a Level-1 B-BBEE rating on the new ICT charter codes. Our B-BBEE rating is advantageous to our clients and partners, providing them with a 135% claim back for preferential procurement, against total acquisition spend. We empower people and expand possibilities for the next generations.

A-Solutions is a proud contributor to Inyosi Enterprise and Supplier Development which provides black-owned companies with much-needed access to finance, market and skills. The investment provides loan capital to black-owned businesses in a responsible manner. It creates jobs, makes a significant positive impact on society, and ultimately reduces our investment risk via diversification.
We see it as our responsibility to equip and grow the IT innovators of tomorrow as the investment fund uses the returns to among others build schools and uplift communities.

Download the latest copy of our BEE certificate and Scorecard.


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