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Workspace Management Solutions

As a reseller of FM System applications and hardware we are able to provide innovative workspace management solutions. We do not only assist our Clients to manage and optimize their office environments, we also ensure compliance to the Health and safety requirements during the COVID pandemic and ultimately long term. With people returning to work under rapidly changing conditions, we offer support by implementing new facility management processes and systems, helping you enhance efficiency and create an employee-centric workplace.

Our suite of software solutions is a modular, flexible, easy-to use Integrated Workplace Management Solution that enables organisations to manage, analyse and report on facilities and real estate operation and maintenance information.

Access to accurate data means facilities and real estate professionals can deliver better customer service and reduce costs.

Space Management
Sustainability management
Move management
Maintenance management
Strategic planning
Real estate management
Asset management
Project management

Workplace analytics

Capitalise on data analytics to gain a competitive advantage by unlocking opportunities across your portfolio through sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms. Our analytics solution automates data gathering, analysis and reporting to provide you with powerful insights on workplace utilisation, employee mobility, and much more.

Booking analytics
Sensor analytics
Mobility flows

Heat mapping

Workspace makes use of heat maps predominantly to depict availability and to optimize usage. These heat maps indicate reservations, open workstations, where the most popular areas of the offices, and allocation of workspaces with safe social distancing for employees.

Heat map image - 1

Employee experience

The advent of cloud and mobile technologies has revolutionised the modern workplace. From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspaces and managed services, our software and hardware solutions are the most comprehensive workplace management solutions available.

Occupancy sensors
Full-service room scheduling
Hoteling & mobile workforce
Environmental Sensors
A solution for every role

Your space impacts your bottom line

You need a software solution to bring clarity to your organisation, from implementing agile workspaces and getting real-time occupancy data, to helping you track leases and moves to managing maintenance requests.

Facility management & real estate roles
Executives & senior leaders
Employees & visitors

Desk management in less than a month

Our desk management solution provides critical controls for the allocation and reservation of workstations, allowing for the safe return of employees to the workplace.

Customise workspace availability in adherence to social distancing guidelines and sanitisation requirements.
Visual scheduling with interactive, pan-and-zoom floorplans and intuitive search options; available on kiosks, laptops and tablets

Find and reserve safe workspaces on the go

Mobile scheduling from an iOS or Android device
Optimised search results based on past use and preferences
Reserve directly from the floorplan
View available resources on an interactive floorplan
Search by location or workspace type
Search for co-workers and teams
Check-in and out of workspaces using QR codes, RFID badges or integrated sensors
Auto-release functionality captures planned v actual utilisation
Reverse hoteling and out-of-office settings maximizes assigned desks
See reservation density and proximity to other resources
Available on kiosks, laptops and tablets

Comprehensive scheduling for a global, mobile workforce

Intuitive scheduling with options for recurring desk reservations
Desks limited to one reservation per day to ensure proper cleaning between users
Ability to limit future bookings to one week, one month or six months in advance
Optional health policy acknowledgment feature provides documentation for regulatory compliance
Seamless integrations with Microsoft Outlook, WebEx, Cisco TMS video conferencing and more
Timeline comparison for multi-location and multi-timezone meetings

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