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Introducing an innovative thermal scanning solution that provides accurate body temperature measurements helping public and private facilities to practice COVID-19 social distancing protocols. Our thermal technology solution provides a holistic approach to thermal body temperature scanning that outpaces handheld device systems.

By measuring body temperature of people in crowds effectively and safely, our thermal technology solution protects both your employees and customers by measuring the body temperature of multiple individuals simultaneously entering your premises. Real time alarms and alerts empower your security team for swift action to minimize the risk of infectious individuals entering your premises or joining queues.


What is Thermal Scanning Technology?

Our solution uses deep learning AI to perform non-contact temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.3°. It prevents congestion as it scans multiple bodies at the same time.

Social Distancing

Further to detecting high temperatures the solution can also be used to enforce social distancing and alleviate congestion by using the AI and its deep learning cycle of human behaviour to detect people who are too close to each other.

Video Management

As a turn-key thermal scanning solution, the system includes a full video management system with additional features such as face search, time compression, finding missing items even looking for partial number plates. All of this is included in the once off license fee.

How it Works

The AI alerts security staff when it encounters elevated human temperatures so that they can immediately act on the information. As the alert is triggered by the software human intervention is needed to clear the alert by commenting on the alert, thereby ensuring that every positive case is being handled.

Social distancing parameters can also be monitored, and these are setup to your chosen specifications e.g. 1 meter or 2 metres apart. If this distance is not adhered to, the software will send an alert of the incident to the control room to be cleared by security staff.

Management reporting is available on all alerts with standard operating procedures set up for the requirements and conditions under which alerts need to be cleared and attended to. and the reasons for these to be cleared.

Thermal Technology Solution Benefits

Mass screening of large crowds or high foot traffic
Detect temperature elevations
Accurate to 0.3 degrees (where handhelds devices are only accurate to 2-3 degrees)
Documented field-proven performance
No human intervention
Support the protection of public health
Colour and sound alarms
Easy to use
Full installation provided
Full training on devices provided

Applications for this Solution

Corporate buildings
Office park
Event venues
Healthcare facilities
Universities and college campuses

Included in Your Thermal Technology Solution package

Camera & Black Box

Software (once off licence fee required)

Supply and set-up of monitoring facilities and control room available at an additional cost

Maintenance and operational services provided by A-Solutions (includes quarterly inspection, cleaning and servicing of cameras)

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