Security and Access Management

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition and Search

Face Intellect is well suited to public spaces, infrastructure sites with critical access control needs, retail outlets, hospitality as well as gambling establishments.

Security and Access Management
Deep learning algorithms

Facial Recognition in Face Intellect is powered by Deep Neural Networks (DNN). Algorithms of the new generation are free of recognition issues which were typical of the previous “non-DNN” generation.

Neural Network algorithms are basically Artificial Intelligence (AI) — powerful machine learning-based techniques, which emulate how the human brain operates. DNN is trained on a huge dataset with labeled faces to map a face to a numerical vector representation. Once the network has been trained, it can compare faces, even ones it has never seen before.

Facial Recognition with DNN offers top quality predictions regardless of the camera angle, lighting, hairstyle, facial expression, glasses, or other variations. Modern algorithms work even better than humans can do.

License Plate Recognition

All captured number plates go through automatic license plate recognition and are saved in the metadata database. When entering a full or partial plate number, MomentQuest will run a search enabling you to see all the videos for the vehicle you are looking for.

Forensic Search

Forensic Search is a system designed to search through a video archive. It extracts (or receives from a smart camera embedded detection) and stores metadata — the characteristics of all moving objects in the scene — in real time.

Forensic Search allows users to search through video footage for certain segments such as:

  • an object moving in a certain area and direction
  • the type, speed, size or color of person, vehicle, or group of people

Forensic Search can find all records that match the user’s query within seconds

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