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Industry-specific solutions for tracking and monitoring processes, operations and assets.

Our goal is to assist our customers with their digital transformation journey by providing full-stack products and services to enable the new world of Industry 4.0.

IoT (internet of things) - the value

The technology that is allowing industries and people to manage and monitor elements in their environment that have previously been out of reach, this has resulted in increased efficiencies and a reduction in operational costs, plus the effective management of risks.

The technology is also adding value in the development of our “greener” footprint via the automation of and more efficient management of environmental conditions across multiple industries like retail, agricultural, hospitality, medical, smart transport, security, pharmaceutical to name but a few.

IoT devices are a key driver in the automation of services in the Smart City/business/transportation concept, not only does it provide us with the ability to better manage our usage and decrease the abuse of our natural resources. The variety of sensors are wide ranging and can include electricity management, water usage and control leakages, climate control, security systems, smart transport and remote health care and so much more.

The diagram below depicts the areas of expertise and sensors already developed to manage, monitor, collect data and translate it into valuable management information for strategic decision making and planning.

Technology and financial benefits of implementing IoT

Strategic overview of your environment

Up-to-the-minute measurements

Allow for flexible and instant decision making

Improves efficiency and safety and reduces wastage costs

Enables preventative maintenance


Our award-winning technology partner has designed their own long-range wireless network that can integrate to any sensor, regardless of protocol or level of sophistication to standardise the data communication from ground level into a cloud hosting environment. The two-way communication allows them to securely monitor and control devices remotely while also providing device management services to ensure total visibility and health management of the network equipment. The unique design of the communications protocol and embedded software improves efficiency, range, and overall versatility of the IoT network. Overall, their solutions are highly customisable and scalable to comply with most client’s requirements.

How it Works

The industrial IoT solution consists of a custom-designed and built aggregator telemetry device which transmits data into our cloud application.

Data is collected on an hourly basis and transferred to an internal IoT platform for analysis and reporting

The centralised platform can be integrated with other IoT applications for a full view of your company operations and resource usage
Cumulative displays over time ensure accurate measurement for better reporting, planning and forecasting
Data collected can be used to reduce your consumption by highlighting areas of wastage, leaks, errors and failures
Remote monitoring gives you flexibility and saves time
Build on your facility benchmarking efforts and illustrate the efficiency of water use best practices

The System

Like the other solutions, the sensors and transmission protocol are of the highest standard, providing accurate, near-real-time data.

Sensors are robust and sealed to prevent corrosion or contamination
System provides high accuracy data
Exceptional stability


Agricultural solutions

  • Diesel monitoring
  • Weather stations
  • Dam level and river monitoring
  • Pivot monitoring
  • Borehole monitoring
  • Pump house electricity control and monitoring
  • Electricity check meters
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset monitoring

Retail solutions

  • Electricity check meters
  • Water meters
  • Asset monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring

Commercial solutions

  • Electricity check meters
  • Water meters
  • Asset monitoring
  • Bulk fuel monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Bespoke operational monitoring and management

Smart cities

  • Municipal solutions
  • Electricity check meters
  • Water meters
  • Bulk water monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Asset monitoring and security
  • Vehicle tracking

Pharmaceutical solutions

  • Electricity check meters
  • Water meters
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fridge monitoring
  • Tracking

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