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So much more than a holographic device, HYPERVSN is a complete digital system that includes hardware, management software and 3D content creation tools.

Mesmerize audiences with holographic visuals floating in mid-air.


Engage and amaze
Steal attention
Boost traffic
Increase sales
Visualize realistically in 3D
Improve message perception
Double dwell time
Easy to manage and install
Create emotional engagement

Industry solutions

With the average person exposed to over 5 000 adverts a day, we help brands stand out from the commercial clutter.

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3D holographic visuals

Eye-catching showstopper

Conversation starter

Strong emotional connection

HYPERVSN holographic audio visual displays are perfect for:

Product launches and activations
Seasonal offers and ongoing promos
Offline brand communication
Education and entertainment


Stop customers in their tracks with our audio visual solutions at shopping malls, premium stores and mass retail environments.

Window displays
Store entrances
Interior signage
Check-out counters
Product shelves
Store billboards
Interior walls
Store ceilings

Industry benefits

Increase sales

  • Advertise in-store promotions and specific merchandise
  • Take product launches or demos to the next dimension
  • Improve recall rates at point-of-purchase display zones

Enhance brand image

  • Associate boutiques, stores or retail outlets with cutting-edge innovation
  • Get customers talking by revolutionising traditional retail branding
  • Enhance brand messaging with eye-catching 3D animations

Boost foot traffic

  • Attract shoppers to storefronts with 3D holographic visuals floating in mid-air
  • Persuade customers to come inside by showcasing never-before-seen
  • Fight competition from other mall kiosks with new-generation display solutions


Corporate Environment

Transform your office space with 3D tech at business centres and meeting spaces.

Reception and lobby areas
Conference and meeting rooms
Office corridors and halls
Lounge areas

Industry benefits

Leave an impression

  • Greet customers or guests with an extraordinary welcome in 3D
  • Connect emotionally and positively impact the client’s brand associations
  • Create a lasting memory of holographic visuals in every visitor’s mind

Transform brand image

  • Align corporate brand image with innovation and first-class service
  • Reinforce professional presentations with holographic demos
  • Showcase services on offer in an imaginative way for clients

Increase customer acquisition

  • Educate visitors and potential clients about various business solutions offered
  • Strengthen corporate reputation by utilising award-winning display technology
  • Connect directly with more customers as a result of 3D communication techniques



Create a five-star audio visual experience at hotels, reception areas, tourism offices and more.

Window displays
Hall decorations
Reception/lobby areas
Conference halls
Conference rooms
Corridors (for navigation)
Dining/bar areas

Industry benefits

Increase sales

  • Promote paid hotel services offered to guests during their stay
  • Advertise special events taking place in or around the hotel
  • Highlight seasonal rates or room upgrades available upon check-in

Enhance brand image

  • Portray a five-star experience with state-of-the-art 3D technology
  • Create an unforgettable atmosphere from arrival to check-out
  • Build emotional connections with guests by bringing your hotel’s story to life

Improve guest experience

  • Help guests navigate around the resort with attention-grabbing directional signage
  • Highlight important information about hotel facilities and equipment in 3D
  • Make guests feel at home with virtual assistants welcoming them in



Draw crowds with the ultimate attention-grabbing audio visual solutions at exhibitions, shows, product launches and showrooms.

Suspended from the ceiling
Inside a stand-alone glass box
Integrated into an event booth

Industry benefits

Increase foot traffic

  • Stop passersby in their tracks by displaying the future of 3D technology
  • Attract attendees to stands or booths with holographic solutions they can’t ignore
  • Effortlessly spotlight installations and cut straight through commercial event clutter

Showcase products or services

  • Improve product range awareness or service recall rates with engaging solutions
  • Demo products or services in a fun, innovative & memorable ways
  • Display large/complicated product offerings that cannot be physically exhibited

Generate real leads

  • Extend audience reach and conversions with 3D signage that can be seen far away
  • Use a “wow” effect as a conversation starter to initiate potential business discussions
  • Motivate guests to leave their contacts by impressing them with pioneering displays



Put on a show like never before by lighting up exhibitions, galleries, museums, concerts, bars, nightclubs, theatres, gaming venues, leisure centres, theme parks and more.

Stage/performance areas
Exhibition spaces
Play zones
Entrance zones/halls
Lounge areas

Industry benefits

Amuse and amaze

  • Mesmerize audiences with breathtaking 3D visuals floating in mid-air
  • Enjoy viewers reacting to HYPERVSN with happiness
  • Play with the crowd’s imagination and capture their sense of childlike awe and

Create a buzz

  • Raise the excitement in the air with show-stopping visual technology
  • Set the mood for any performance with real “seeing is believing” moments
  • Add a new dynamic storytelling element to shows, concerts, or theatre specials

Transform brand image

  • Redefine traditional entertainment with bold, beautiful, breakthrough technology
  • Enrich the relationship between brands & audiences with emotive holograms
  • Create a strong frame of reference for the next era in digital 3D entertainment

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