Save Your Company Unnecessary Headaches With Onsite It Support

Eliminate Unnecessary Hassles for Your Company with Onsite IT Support In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, onsite IT support can be indispensable for a company’s success. Despite technology’s reliability, it can falter unexpectedly, causing disruptions that could be detrimental to business operations. Onsite IT support provides timely assistance, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless continuity. The […]

The benefits of IT support services

Keep your business growing: The benefits of IT support services

Keep your business growing: The benefits of IT support services By keeping clients in touch with advances in technology, professional IT support services are able to help businesses, their employees, partners and customers stay connected in today’s modern workplace, whether staff are working in-office, on-site or remotely. With technology becoming as crucial as it is […]



NEW EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN KUSENI DLAMINI EXPANDS A-SOLUTIONS LEADERSHIP Aiming to carry our business and our customers to new heights, A-Solutions is proud to announce the appointment of our New Executive Chairman, Kuseni Dlamini, and Estie du Preez newly appointed Managing Director who will take the reins of our company’s leadership. With more than a combined […]


The benefits of buying refurbished hardware

The benefits of buying refurbished hardware Purchasing new hardware does, of course, have its benefits, but there are multiple reasons why refurbished laptops or desktops can be a better way to go. High quality refurbished hardware with Win10 OS is as good as new. Software will be reset to factory settings, the device will have […]

Make The Best Of Your Conference Room

Make The Best Of Your Conference Room In A Changing, Virtual World

Make the Best of Your Conference Room in a Changing, Virtual World In a rapidly changing landscape, audio and visual technology have become key components to making the best use of your conference room in a successful business. More and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely, as evidenced by the success of virtual […]


Managed Imaging Solution

Strother Smith, Divisional Head – Imaging Solution In my 25 years in imaging – and having to adapt to the ever-changing printing and scanning dynamics that have mostly pushed the “Paperless” or “Less Paper” digitised office environment – I have experienced changes in the printing business such as Y2K and the analogue copier to digital […]


A-Solutions Is Still Here to Help Your Business!

As we head towards week 2 of lockdown, South African business owners will all be striving to continue working as much as possible from home. A-Solutions will be right there to keep helping you every step of the way! We’re just on the other side of your internet connection! Thanks to technological advancement in working […]


We offer a range of Workspace Management Solutions

Arrive InfoPoint™ is just one of our products which allows for all-in-one room reservations, digital signage and resource management solutions for all shared workspaces –from meeting to learning spaces. Do away with the hassles of double bookings, scheduling chaos and interrupted meetings. Arrive InfoPoint™ ensures effective facility management from any device enabling you to utilise and manage shared spaces […]


A-Solutions sports a new jacket for their 21st anniversary in business!

Pretoria, 28 February 2019. A-Solutions celebrates its 21st anniversary in business this year. It was time to re-brand and showcase the new bouquet of services we added to our traditional portfolio. We are a QSE and proudly Level 1 BBEEE certified, offering our clients 135% preferential procurement. The goal is to provide our clients with a […]

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