making the best use of your conference room, Make The Best Of Your Conference Room In A Changing, Virtual World

Make The Best Of Your Conference Room In A Changing, Virtual World

In a rapidly changing landscape, audio and visual technology have become key components to making the best use of your conference room in a successful business.

More and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely, as has been evident by the success of virtual communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, which offers workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.
In recent years, largely due to restrictions created by Covid-19, Teams and other software such as Zoom and Google Meet have gained increasing interest, and hundreds of millions of users around the world continue to utilise their services.

In this new environment, the right meeting room technology enables seamless connection between businesses, their employees, their customers and their partners, assisting with relationship building and acting as a cost-saving tool by reducing travel expenses.

And with the way we work changing at a rapid pace, there are seven main components which are needed to bring your workplace into the modern day.

– displays
– audio or video conferencing
– microphones and speakers
– cameras
– control panels
– connectivity
– interactive whiteboards

Turnkey solutions, like those we offer our clients, not only provide technical audio visual solutions, but also include tools to maximise availability of boardrooms and conference centres.

– interior design layouts
– furnishings
– boardroom management tools

As we move forward together in an evolving world, audio and visual technology are becoming increasingly crucial to relationship building and communication.

By combining live meetings and virtual components, collaborative efforts can be maximised and efficiency in your business can be increased.


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